Why Grilling is Better Than the New Apple Watch

Long before Bluetooth, Angry Birds, and Uber there was another disruptive technology that somehow bypassed Silicon Valley.  In fact it most likely started on a different continent all together over one million years ago: Controlled Fire! We don’t think about it much anymore, but imagine for a moment the cultural shift that must have occurred due to Fire.

We often say, “I can’t imagine not being connected to the internet” and freak out when we have a 10 second disruption in our connection to the world wide virtual teat that we all suckle on for our livelihood. Our worst case scenarios have shifted from being attacked by wildebeests in the wild to Facebook telling us the five words of doom “Can’t Connect, Tap to Retry”.

The new Apple Watch is very promising and I’m sure Chester Gould (creator of Dick Tracy) was smiling down on Tim Cook during Apple’s keynote speech a few days ago. As magical as it is, there is nothing more magical than a good old fashion open flame, the type that hypnotizes you into a state of primal glory. No buttons, no push notifications, no reminders, no logins, and no ads following you around, just Fire. This is why I grill, this is why I hold on so dearly to the one technology that truly connects us to our past, to our family, to our friends, to our desire to be human.

What fires you up about grilling?

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