The Labor Day Burger Guide

The ultimate burger starts with the meat. The fat content will determine whether your burger tastes like a regulation NHL hockey puck or a juicy explosion of flavors in your mouth. Anything less than 20% fat content will insult your taste buds. Remember…FAT is FLAVOR!

Make sure your heat source is VERY hot. After placing the burger on the grill, make a thumb
impression in the center of the patty. This distributes the juices as it cooks.

After grilling for 3 minutes, rotate the burger 45 degrees. Continue cooking until blood and juices rise from the top. This is your cue to flip. Whatever you do, DO NOT press down on the burger. You will instantly awaken and infuriate the burger gods. 

Cook for another 2-6 minutes depending on the size of the patty and desired doneness. If adding cheese, place on top of burger for the last minute of cooking to allow for optimal melting.

After taking the burger off the grill, let the poor thing rest for a few minutes. It’s been through a lot, and it’s the least you can do.


Enjoy and don’t be afraid to get creative with the toppings!


  1. As we all know that the labor day is around the corner and this The Labor Day Burger Guide is really perfect for all those of us who celebrate this day at fullest.

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